MMP Tax Ltd - R&D Tax Relief, RDEC, RDA, Patent Box & VGTR
The Complete Technology Tax Service


Our dedicated and professional teams work directly with yours at all levels of your organisation, from department and division heads to the technicians and engineers working in direct R&D and product development technology.

Our consultants have expertise in science, technology, intellectual property, engineering, finance and tax across most market sectors.

We assess your R&D programme and product portfolio to assess the nature and potential benefit from any technology tax reliefs available to you, before working with your research, intellectual property, product, finance and tax personnel gathering information to enable us to articulate and document the claim in a form that quickly establishes HMRC assessment needs.

Whatever your market sector, or and whatever your business, come and talk to us to find out how we can help you optimise your tax incentive benefits from the available range of technology tax reliefs.

Claims submission

Once the claim has been documented and submitted, we manage the relationship and communications with HMRC to achieve claim approval as efficiently and speedily as possible. Importantly, we work alongside your existing accountant and or tax corporate adviser to manage the claim process in conjunction with your corporate financial and tax calendar.

Industry wide success

We have worked successfully with clients across a wide range of market sectors including aerospace, automotive, electronics, telecommunications, nanotechnology, software, utilities and food.

We have been introduced to clients by auditors; accountants; other corporate tax houses; patent attorneys; major banks, private equity and venture capital firms and critically, from our own existing clients. The requirement to bridge so many different skill sets for best outcomes means technology tax claims aren’t likely to be best handled by general tax practitioners.

Although they are part of a company’s broader tax picture, technology tax claims are usually discrete projects in their own right that are usually run in parallel with the main corporation tax process and are best managed by niche specialist experts. 

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