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R&D Tax Relief

R&D tax relief is designed to incentivise investment in R&D. The scheme was introduced in 2000 for SMEs, with a separate scheme for large companies added in 2002.

Eligible R&D

Any company carrying out new product development R&D is likely to qualify for the relief. The definitions of eligible R&D and costs are reasonably broad, and eligible R&D can be found in unexpected areas, hence the need for expertise in claiming for the right projects and the correct costs.

Bespoke client service

Every company is different, so we adapt our methodology to your company, leading to a bespoke service for each of our clients. Through focused financial and technical interviews, MMP determines eligible R&D activities being carried out by your company and maps them to eligible costs. To maximise your claim but minimise your time commitment, we then detail our findings in a technical and financial report that is submitted to HMRC.

Managed claim process

We manage the entire claim approval process with HMRC to ensure that your claim and payment is delivered as quickly as possible.

From start-ups to the FTSE100, MMP has seen it all. We are committed to providing excellent service, doing all the heavy lifting, delivering robust claims in the shortest timeframe possible, enabling you to receive your cash or tax relief as quickly as possible.

Wealth of experience

MMP has a wealth of experience in claiming complex technology tax reliefs and would be delighted to discuss any aspect of the scheme with you. MMP founders have sat on the government’s R&D Tax Relief committee for many years providing an insight of, and input to, the regimes as they develop and change over time. It also enables us to understand what HMRC’s priorities are such that claims can be tailored to reflect their assessment needs.

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